Tell Your Story With Spatial Audio

A vision of spatial audio effects and editing

Our spatial audio tools for mobile applications are engaging and aim at a creative workflow. Ready to unlock the full potential of your hearing? There are many use cases. Now put on your headphones and we lead you through the process of creating an augmented spatial audio voice message.

title image of spatial audio editing demo

Listen for yourself!

Spatial Audio Editing and Effects in Social Apps

In this demo we place the participants virtually at different positions in a room with certain acoustical properties. Thereby, we create a natural acoustic scene and the participants can fully exploit the potential of the cocktail party effect and "spatial unmasking". This means improved comprehensibility, better allocation and increased attentiveness, and in the end more engaging conversations.

Explore More Use Cases

You name it, we put true spatial audio on it! Virtually all applications and devices that build on audio, or record and playback audio, will profit from a spatial-audio makeover. We at atmoky enable immersive audio experiences, and we aim for highest quality and usability. Interested in partnering up?