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Experience true-to-life communication, interactive music, and an immersive audio universe.

Be aware: The future of Audio is 3D! So join us and unlock true spatial audio experiences. Whenever. Wherever.

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Integrate atmoky's True Spatial Audio SDKs and deliver engaging conversations, interactive music sessions, and immersive audio experiences in web and native applications.
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What True Spatial Audio Can Do for You and Why You Should Care!

Spatial Audio

can beam you to different places
powers more engaging and natural conversations
adds a layer of information
immerses you and can help you to focus or to relax
enables super natural hearing
improves intelligibility
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Our aim with Portal’s spatial audio experience is to re-create the sound of the world’s greatest places in the most natural, realistic and true-to-life way possible. We rigorously tested numerous technologies but atmoky’s binaural renderer stood out above the rest. That would have been enough for us but the integration of the iOS SDK was incredibly simple and beautifully documented and the whole team has been a joy to work with.

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Nick Daniels

Founder, Portal


Spatial audio plays a crucial role in delivering the best gameplay experience for our new game, Breachers, as it allows for pinpoint accuracy of enemies' locations through footsteps and gunshots. To ensure an immersive gaming experience, we conducted a thorough search for the best binaural plugin available. After extensive testing, we found that atmoky Ears was an exceptional choice for our needs. Its advanced spatial audio capabilities create an unmatched level of realism and immersion, taking the overall gaming experience to new heights.

title picture of Tom Bleys

Tom Bleys

Composer & Sound Designer

Triangle Factory

It offers the optimal trade-off between highest perceptual quality vs. computational effort which makes atmoky Ears the go-to solution for all our applications and games that aim at offering the highest spatial audio quality on mobile devices and power horses alike.

title picture of Thomas Aichinger

Thomas Aichinger

Spatial Audio Designer & CEO


atmoky Ears is a unique tool that provides an adjustable degree of externalization dependent on the scene and the attributes of the used sound sources. Thus, movements of a player become acoustically highly realistic enhancing the overall impression of auditory envelopment and immersion. I am quite stunned with the results.

title picture of Michael Iber

Michael Iber

Professor - Media Technology

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

I tried so many competitor tools that did something similar and it somehow worked, but Atmoky is the only company I trust, to make spatial audio right. The demo I heard was on point, giving a great foundation to get you started and enough flexibility to tweak the content of your experience if needed - to unlock your full 3d audio potential.

title picture of Martin Rieger

Martin Rieger

Spatial Audio Content Expert & CEO


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