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Dive into the world of spatial audio with atmoky. Our products enable unparalleled super-immersive spatial audio experiences.

Spatial audio software solutions

Highly-optimized. Flexible. Easy-to-integrate.

Personalized Rendering

Delivering convincing spatial audio over headphones requires accurate direction-dependent cues. As those cues differ from person to person, the atmoky HRTFs* can be configured for the best fit. Interested in full individualization? We also optimize individually measured HRTFs and render spatial sound with uncompromised audio quality, low-latency, and without colouration.

*head-related transfer functions

Personalized Rendering

Spatial Reverb

Our high-performance engine renders a vast range of reverbs from subtle ambiences, through complex rooms, to impressively big spaces like concert halls or open woodlands. All truly 3D, reacting to the sound sources’ position and orientation. Dial in the right space and bring listeners to the place you want them to be.

Spatial Reverb

Spatial Effects

What would an audio processing chain be without effects? With effects like multidimensional delays, spatial EQing, dynamic processing, spatial transformations, and acoustic zoom we bring the best-sounding and most-versatile tools for a creative workflow - all natively 3D.

Spatial Effects

Adaptive Capturing

Ultra high spatial audio resolution is key to precisely recreate captured audio scenes. Using standard encoding technology this can only be achieved with costly microphone arrays with a large number of capsules. With our signal-adaptive encoding technology we enable true to life reproduction for both headphone and loudspeaker playback using as few as four microphones. What is more, sound scenes captured from multiple perspectives can be interactively traversed and explored using our cutting-edge soundfield interpolation algorithms.

Adaptive Capturing atmoky Adaptive Capturing Competitor

Multi-format. Multi-platform. Multi by design.

Object-based, scene-based, channel-based - spatial audio has many flavors and we like them all. No matter the source, device, or destination - we render from everything, on everything, to everything.


Applications we have in mind

You name it, we put spatial audio on it! Our software solutions are integrated seamlessly in hardware and all sorts of applications.

Headphones & Hearables

Augmented audio
Low-Latency rendering

Speakers & Soundbars

Shared immersive experiences
Directional loudspeakers
Full domes and planetaria

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Hyper-realisitic acoustics
Signal-adaptive rendering
Dynamic binaural rendering

Web Apps & Services

Browser-based spatial audio
Web games
Spatial audio communications


Signal-adaptive encoding
Direct binaural monitoring
Measurement-based encoding

Audio Software

Spatial audio plug-ins
Signal-adaptive upmixing
Studio virtualization

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About atmoky

atmoky is a product-driven spatial audio software company with a strong research background. Its founders look back on many years of experience in the field of spatial audio - both in research and immersive applications.

Before atmoky

During our time at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz, we developed the IEM Plug-in Suite: a set of free and open-source audio plug-ins, designed for an easy-to-use and versatile workflow for creating spatial audio.

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Next steps

It’s time to take it to the next level: offering high-end solutions for spatial audio. Let it be first-class binaural rendering, perceptually optimized decoding, or hyper-realistic virtualization, atmoky is the best choice for companies wanting to bring spatial sound to their products.

Partners and funding

Science Park Graz Logo

atmoky is supervised by the academic start-up center Science Park Graz GmbH and is funded within the AplusB Scale-up programme.

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atmoky is funded by Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws), the promotional bank of the Austrian federal government.

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atmoky is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the national funding agency for industial research and development in Austra.

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atmoky is funded by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG).