• Spatial Audio for Virtual Meetings

    atmoky’s spatial audio solution is key to natural communication and social interaction in virtual environments.

    In conventional web meetings audio content is almost always transmitted in mono. Thus, it is hard to get the message, especially if several participants speak at the same time. In this case, increased cognitive performance is required, which in the long run leads to fatigue and reduced productivity. We offer a solution - spatial audio for virtual communication.

    webmeeting use case title image

    Superior spatial audio quality

    Best-in-class perceptually-optimized binaural spatial audio rendeing by atmoky.


    acoustic scene

    Experience engaging true-to-life communication like you were on site.


    Out-of-the-head experience

    Your conversation partner should not sit inside your head. Get them out of there!


    Defined locations in Space

    Each speaker and sound source is positioned in a fixed location in 3D space.



    Increased attentiveness by reducing cognitive load and fatigue



    Unlock the full potential of human hearing! Use the cocktail party effect!

    Explore More Use Cases

    You name it, we put true spatial audio on it! Virtually all applications and devices that build on audio, or record and playback audio, will profit from a spatial-audio makeover. We at atmoky enable immersive audio experiences, and we aim for highest quality and usability. Interested in partnering up?