The one stop solution for rendering hyper-realistic spatial audio experiences to headphones

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Perceptual Optimization

By including a perception model in the optimization process, atmoky Ears achieves minimum coloration and maximum immersion. This is essential when incorporating head movements or sources moving around a listener.

Personalized Experiences

People come with diverse preferences, strengths, and shapes - this individuality matters when it comes to spatial audio. Thus, atmoky Ears includes rendering optimizations for children, teens, and adults.

Externalization Booster

No room means no reflections means no perceived distance means no externalization. Thus, atmoky Ears comes with an externalizer that gives you that out-of-the-head experience. All those settings are adjustable in real time.

Super Efficient Rendering

atmoky Ears offers optimal perceptual quality at minimal computational effort. For those who want to squeeze out the last drop of their devices a performance mode is included that makes the rendering twice as efficient.

atmoky Ears is available on the Wwise platform and will soon be available for native iOS and Android.

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atmoky Ears for Wwise provides an unparalleled combination of perceptual quality and efficiency, whilst getting the best out of every spatial audio mix. atmoky Ears puts the listener first and offers a patented perceptual optimization across diverse age groups. For those who want to squeeze out the very last drop of performance from their devices, atmoky Ears delivers that game-changing boost that makes the difference.

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atmoky Ears for mobile
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atmoky Ears for mobile applications brings all features natively to iOS and Android for maximum performance and incomparable binaural rendering quality. The mobile framework will very soon be available. If you are interested in a pre-released version for testing, please contact us.

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