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Engaging and Immersive Experiences

Whether building a massive multiplayer game, a remote training tool, or a wellbeing experience atmoky’s Spatial Audio offer the audio quality, scalability, reliability, and performance you need to bring true immersion to life.


atmoky elevates the immersive experience in highly acclaimed games like Breachers and Tin Hearts! Empower your Game with atmoky Ears now!
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Future of work

Reduce digital fatigue, increase productivity and focus by allowing for more natural and immersive interactions.
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True spatial audio adds another layer of information and enhances the learning experience by accurately replicating real-world audio cues and by improving situational awareness.
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Unleash the transformative power of true spatial audio in wellbeing, enveloping users in fully immersive and relaxed audio experiences.


Fostering a sense of presence and trust for improved healthcare and therapy outcomes and enable more effective and engaging communication in remote health services.
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Elevate the overall gaming experience to new heights of excitement and social engagement by incorporating atmoky true spatial audio.
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Virtual Worlds

atmoky empowers users to fully immerse themselves, explore, connect, and collaborate in unprecedented ways by enabling seamless spatialized voice chat and hyper-realistic auditory experiences.
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Augmented Reality

Create a more immersive experience in AR games, concerts, and marketing campaigns. Establish a closer connection between your brand and your customer by boosting engagement.
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Explore demos built with atmoky products.

atmoky Town

An explorable 2D world, with 3D audio and voice chat. Walk through the world and enjoy forest sounds, listen to spatial audio music, or eavesdrop on an important meeting.

Built with and atmoky.

Augmented Reality Robot

This example shows how true spatial audio boosts immersion in location-based WebAR exeriences. Scan the QR code to listen for yourself.

Built with 8th Wall and atmoky.

Spatial Audio Dome

Fly through the interactive music experience and explore the different instruments within the Spatial Audio Dome.

Built with Three.js and atmoky.

Community built apps

Polarzero Music Space

Explore immersive audio in the Metaverse. A live music experience by polarzero. Have a look at his article linked to this experience as well.

Built with Three.js and atmoky.

Customer Stories

Developers and Creators are empowering Immersive Social Interaction through atmoky’s advanced Audio Technology.

Unlocking the Immersive Power of Spatial Audio for Health & Wellbeing

Portal is an iOS wellbeing & productivity app that uses immersive technologies to create instant escapes to some of the world’s most beautiful places. The team around Nick Daniels partnered up with atmoky to take full advantage of Spatial Audio technology and to prove instant escapes to the world’s most peaceful & relaxing places. It helps supercharge your focus, sleep or relaxation, wherever you may currently be.

Read more on Spatial Audio for Ambience & Wellbeing and the collaboration with atmoky on portal’s The Campfire blog.

Products used

The atmoky iOS Framework is part of the Processing SDKs and renders portal’s immersive audio recordings. It ensures a true-to-live representation of the recorded scene with highest precision, accuracy, and transparency. The SDK incorporates head tracking data from the apple AirPods and dynamically renders the immersive 3D recording with minimum latency guaranteeing a highly stable sound field without sound colourations.


atmoky iOS Framework

The iOS framework is part of the atmoky Processing SDKs, a Multi-platform spatial audio SDKs that offer perceptually-optimized solutions for recording, editing, and rendering of immersive audio.