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atmoky trueSpatial for Unity®

atmoky's Plugins for Unparalleled Spatial Audio within Unity®
Best in class Spatial Audio

atmoky trueSpatial for Unity brings atmoky’s best-in-class binaural rendering to the famous game engine. The plug-in suite simulates human hearing and beams your audience into the scene with the power of unmatched hyper-realistic 3D sound.

atmoky trueSpatial for Unity is based on atmoky’s patented percepually-optimized binaural rendering technology and provides lifelike spatial audio for creating a captivating and realistic gaming environment. It stands out by it’s exceptional spatial accuracy and it’s unmatched amount of perceived externalisation.

Unlock the full potential of immersion with atmoky's advanced spatial audio

Drive Emotions Through Sound

Enhance wellbeing and create immersive and natural auditory environments, promoting a more engaging and emotionally connected virtual experience.

Truly Connect With Your Audience

Intensify the sense of presence and realism, thereby deepening player engagement and overall gaming experience.

Elevating Immersive Experiences

Read more about trueSpatial’s technical edge and it’s impact on game development and VR in this blog post.

Download Now

Try atmoky trueSpatial for Unity free of charge for evaluation and testing!

Go to the atmoky developer hub and sign up to download the latest version of the plugin suite.
Please follow the installation instructions in the docs.

Versions & Platforms

atmoky trueSpatial is compatible with the following Unity versions: 2020.3.18 and later

This plug-ins runs on the following platforms.

Support of other platforms: Get in touch if you are interested in using atmoky trueSpatial on platforms not listed above (incl. iOS, visionOS, PS, Nintendo,…).
Web export:
Are you interested in using atmoky trueSpatial for Unity for direct web export? Please get in touch!

Pricing for Games
Trial Mini Indie Pro Premium Platinum
Production Budget per Title
$50k - $300k
$300k - $1m
$1m - $3m
One-Time-Fee (All Platforms)

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Commercial Licenses
Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing a commercial license of atmoky trueSpatial for Unity for your project.