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atmoky trueSpatial for Unity – True Immersion

Elevating Immersive Experiences with Natural Spatial Audio for Unity

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Why We Built atmoky trueSpatial?

In the pursuit of creating truly immersive audio-visual experiences, the synchronization between audio and video is paramount. Any discrepancy leads to a disconnection, pulling users away from the intended immersive environment. While Unity’s audio capabilities are comprehensive, they sometimes fall short in delivering the depth and realism that modern immersive experiences demand. Recognizing the limitations of Unity’s native audio tools and the additional costs and complexities of audio middleware, atmoky introduced trueSpatial to bridge this gap. This plugin suite is designed to simulate human hearing with exceptional accuracy, ensuring audio in Unity projects is not merely heard but fully experienced, eliminating the need for audio middleware to achieve highest quality spatial audio in small-to-medium-scale productions.

Understanding atmoky trueSpatial’s Technical Edge

  • Binaural Rendering and Perception Modelling: At the heart of atmoky trueSpatial is an advanced binaural rendering engine. It goes beyond traditional audio rendering techniques by incorporating a perception model that accounts for psychoacoustic factors. This approach ensures minimal coloration and maximal immersive experience, tailoring audio to the nuances of human hearing with head-related transfer function (HRTF) customization.
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  • Signal Processing and Efficiency: A highlight of atmoky trueSpatial is its efficient audio source processing. The plugin uses a highly optimized convolution engine that allows for real-time adjustments and interactive experiences without compromising on performance, even in scenes laden with numerous audio sources.
  • Advanced Audio Object Manipulation: The plugin offers sophisticated control over audio objects’ directivity patterns and occlusion effects, mimicking real-world sound behavior and enhancing the believability of virtual spaces.

Practical Implementation in Unity

  • Compatibility and Integration: atmoky trueSpatial is compatible with Unity versions 2020.3.18 and later, supporting a wide array of platforms including Android, Linux, Windows, and Apple. This broad compatibility ensures that developers can implement spatial audio across diverse hardware ecosystems, from desktop to VR devices.
  • Licensing and Access: The plugin operates on a scalable licensing model tailored to the production budget, offering everything from free trials for evaluation to comprehensive packages for larger productions. This flexibility ensures accessibility for development teams of all sizes.

The Impact on Game Development and VR

Integrating atmoky trueSpatial into Unity projects marks a significant advancement in the creation of immersive audio environments. It opens new avenues for storytelling, environmental design, and interactive experiences, enhancing user engagement, emotional response, and the sense of presence within virtual spaces.

The Future of Audio in Unity with trueSpatial – What we have Planned. 

atmoky is just getting started, with exciting updates on the horizon including support for consoles and vision Pro, near-field effects for ASMR, higher-order ambisonics playback, multichannel bed playback, a reverb engine, and triple-staged listener personalization.


atmoky trueSpatial for Unity offers a comprehensive framework for implementing advanced spatial audio in Unity-based projects. Its focus on perceptual modeling, signal processing efficiency, and advanced audio object manipulation positions it as a leading solution for achieving high-fidelity 3D soundscapes, setting a new standard for immersive audio in digital experiences.


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