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Hyper-realistic Spatial Audio

Bringing the Magic of Human Hearing to the Digital World.

We unlock the true potential of audio, enabling people to feel connected, engaged, and fully immersed in the digital world

Why atmoky?

atmoky comes with all the tools you need for immersive and engaging audio experiences on native and mobile platforms as well as on the web.

Reduces Digital Fatigue

Audio fatigue is minimized, as true spatial audio technology enhances clarity, dynamics, and natural sound reproduction.

Breaks Barriers

Barriers between individuals in the digital world are eliminated, creating a sense of connection and presence that mirrors in-person interactions.

Improves Well-being

Well-being and satisfaction is enhanced by facilitating engaging connections and enabling more natural social interactions, overall.

Which product is right for you?

atmoky Engage

Bringing the sense of reality into digital lives

Integrate high-quality 3D sound and spatial communication into your digital experiences with atmoky’s communication service atmoky Engage. Add spatialized voice chat and place sounds all around you in three-dimensional space. The room acoustics feature lets you add ambience sounds and reverb.

Grab a pair of headphones and jump into the atmoky town, an explorable 2D world, powered with atmoky Engage. Experience spatialized voice chat, enjoy a walk in the forest, or relax in the meditation space.

atmoky ears gui

atmoky Ears

Empowering Gaming with True Spatial audio

atmoky Ears for the use with Audiokinetic Wwise provides an unparalleled combination of perceptual quality and efficiency, whilst getting the best out of every spatial audio mix.

Processing SDKs

Advanced Spatial audio Processing

Multi-platform spatial audio SDKs that offer perceptually-optimized solutions for recording, editing, and rendering of immersive audio.

  • easy integration into native- and web-applications
  • highest perceptual audio quality
  • best performance in town due to C++ and WASM implementations
  • including headphone and loudspeaker rendering, spatial reverb, stereo-to-spatial upmixing, spatial audio playback

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Frequently asked questions

In the web and XR, sound plays an important role in creating immersive experiences. It is used to enhance the realism of virtual environments, provide cues for navigation and interactivity, and convey information and emotions to users. True spatial audio can also be used to create a sense of presence and spatial awareness, allowing users to orient themselves and navigate within virtual worlds. Incorporating spatialized real-time voice chat let participants feel like being together in the same physical space boosting social interaction and inclusion.

True spatial audio is a technique that allows sounds to be perceived as coming from specific locations in a three-dimensional space. This includes the direction, distance, and movement of the sound source, as well as the reflections, reverberation, and other acoustic properties of the environment.

atmoky offers a diverse range of pricing models depending on the product. The communication platform atmoky Engage is based on a a pay-as-you-go model. This means that customers are charged based on the number of user minutes utilized in the service. There are no minimum usage requirements or upfront fees. Additionally, atmoky’s pay-as-you-go plan includes a certain allocation of free minutes each month, providing added value to customers.
For the Processing SDKs, atmoky charges a monthly license fee. On the other hand, for plugins, a well-established one-time payment model per seat is employed. 
For more detailed information on atmoky’s pricing, please have a look into the pricing section that can be accessed via the main menu.

atmoky is platform and format agnostic and supports all kinds of web browsers, mobile platforms, and operating systems. We focus on highest spatial audio quality, performance, and ease of use to make it as easy as possible for developers, creators and sound designer to get creative.