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Advanced Spatial Audio Processing SDKs

All You Need For
True Spatial Audio

Multi-platform spatial audio SDKs that offer perceptually-optimized solutions for recording, editing, and rendering of immersive audio.

Dynamic Binaural Rendering

Hyper-realistic rendering that is optimized for robustness and efficiency. It comes with an externalization booster. HRTF personalization (optional, upon request).


Voice / Sound Spatializer

Spatialize a virtually infinite number of sources simultaneously with adjustable attenuation curves and spatial reverb.


Spatial Audio Player

Playback of all major spatial audio formats. Include spatial audio recordings or productions into your web and native applications.

Upon request

Loudspeaker Rendering

Best in class spatial quality and immersion. Perceptually-optimized for minimal channel count and maximum efficiency. Distributed rendering for smart speakers, and soundbars.


Upmixing and Transcoding

The ideal tool for transforming stereo content into the spatial audio domain. Leverage the benefits of immersive audio with available stereo audio.

Upon request

Recording and Processing

Smart capturing for microphone arrays. Presets for challenging recording situations. Signal enhancements (optional).


Spaces and Ambience

Creation of multiple rooms with adjustable reverb settings and spatialized ambience sounds. Blending of room acoustics for entering and leaving of rooms.

Why Choose The atmoky SDKs?

Hyper-realistic spatial audio for web, native and mobile applications. 

Easy to integrate

Typically, it takes only one day to integrate. Supportive example codes available.

Super Efficient

Performance of C++ with ease of integration of higher languages.

Multi by Design

Reduced costs and time to market for metaverse audio. Be there quickly, without compromises.


+15ys spatial audio expertise to fit the customer needs. Quick and on point support.


Optimized for highest perceptual quality. Adds no artificial coloration. Best solution for dynamic rendering.


Rendering optimizatons for children, teens, and adults, Full HRTF personalization (optional).


Minimum motion-to-phonon latency due to high performance rendering engine.


Externalizer module that gives you the out-of-the-head experience. Adjustable in real-time.

Experience It in Action!

8th Wall WebAR Integration

Developers can now easily add full immersive audio support to their WebAR projects with atmoky’s true Spatial Audio. 
Add sound sources and ambience audio in 3-dimensional space to your 8th Wall projects to create fully immersive and engaging experiences. Achieve perfect alignment between sound and visuals that enhance realism and enable meaningful interactions with your audience. 

Get started developing WebAR projects with atmoky by cloning the sample project!

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A gallery of immersive and interactive experiences

Technology comes to life when used in a creative way! That’s why we introduce “experience.atmoky” – a gallery of immersive and interactive experiences by artists, composers, creators, and sound designers from all around the world. Based on the spatial audio tech demo atmoky dome we feature artists that composed and arranged especially for this unique virtual venue.

Our surroundings have a huge impact on how we think and how we feel, but we often don’t have much control over the places where we spend most of our time. Portal is the world’s first wellbeing & productivity app to use immersive technologies to virtually transform your surroundings. Providing instant escapes to the world’s most peaceful & relaxing places to help supercharge your focus, sleep or relaxation, wherever you may currently be.

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Supported Platforms

Pricing Plans


Non-commercial & testing license

  • Full access to all Spatial Audio features
  • Developer tools
  • "Spatial Audio powered by atmoky" branding

$0 / month



Commercial license, capacity limit: $500k

  • Full access to all Spatial Audio features
  • Developer tools
  • White labeling (optional)*
  • Integration support
  • Prio technical support
  • Start-up discount

$599 / month**

  • Full access to all Spatial Audio features
  • Developer tools
  • White label integration
  • Integration support
  • Priority technical support
  • Development support (optional)

* add $ 399 / month for white label integration
add $ 299 / month for each additional platform.