Hyper-realistic Spatial Audio

Native SDK

For Mobile and Desktop Applications

The holistic spatial audio engine that offers perceptually-optimized solutions for recording, editing, and interactive rendering. Multi by design.

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All You Need for True Spatial Audio

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Dynamic Binaural Rendering

Best in class spatial quality and immersion. Perceptually-optimized for minimal channel count and maximum efficiency. HRTF personalization (optional).

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Coming soon

Spatial Effects and Reverb

Real 3D effects and parametric reverb engine. Reacts to source directivity (optional). Smart presets for maximum immersion and intelligibility.

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Spatializer and Player

Spatialize a virtually infinite number of sources simultaneously. The spatial audio player supports all major formats and codecs.

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Upon request

Recording and Processing

Smart Capturing for microphone arrays. Presets for challenging recording situations. Signal enhancements (optional). (Beta available.)

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Coming soon

Loudspeaker Rendering

Distributed rendering for directional arrays, smart speakers, single speakers, and their combinations. Adaptive listening area.

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Upon request

Upmixing and Transcoding

The ideal tool for transforming the stereo backlog into the spatial audio domain. Smart presets for music, dialogues, and subtle ambience.

Why Choose the atmoky SDK?

Easy to integrate

Typically, it takes only one day to integrate. Supportive example codes available.

Super Efficient

Performance of C++ with ease of integration of higher languages.

Multi by Design

Supports all established spatial audio formats. For all established OSs and hardware.


+15ys spatial audio expertise to fit the customer needs. Quick and on point support.


Optimized for highest perceptual quality. Adds no artificial coloration. Best solution for dynamic rendering.


Rendering optimizatons for children, teens, and adults, Full HRTF personalization (optional).


Minimum motion-to-phonon latency due to high performance rendering engine.


Externalizer module that gives you the out-of-the-head experience. Adjustable in real-time.

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atmoky Ears for Wwise

atmoky Ears for Audiokinetic Wwise provides an unparalleled combination of perceptual quality and efficiency, whilst getting the best out of every spatial audio mix. atmoky Ears puts the listener first and offers a patented perceptual optimization across diverse age groups. For those who want to squeeze out the very last drop of performance from their devices, atmoky Ears delivers that game-changing boost that makes the difference.

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Explore More Use Cases

You name it, we put true spatial audio on it! Virtually all applications and devices that build on audio, or record and playback audio, will profit from a spatial-audio makeover. We at atmoky enable immersive audio experiences, and we aim for highest quality and usability. Interested in partnering up?