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We Are Your Experts in True Spatial Audio

Your immersive audio experience is about to take off! From strategy to implementation, we’re here to help make your audio sound immersive and crisp.

Our Services

Audio Development in the Metaverse and Beyond

Sound plays an important role in creating immersive experiences. It can be used to enhance the realism of virtual environments, provides cues for navigation and interactivity, and conveys information and emotions to users. We are your partner for high quality audio. We accompany you from the concept to the finished product.

Immersive Voice Chat

We integrate true spatial audio voice chat into your product. We can upgrade an existing product or build it from scratch.

Web Audio

Our WebSDK supports all browsers and brings true spatial audio to your web application. We take care of reverb, ambience, and rendering.

Audio Apps

Our true spatial audio engine is available for iOS and Android. We integrate and tune the experience to your needs.

Immersive Experiences

Truly immersive experiences rely on spatial audio. We develop software for recording, editing, and rendering.

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About Us

We Have Your Audio Issues Covered!

We are experts in audio, voice, and immersive media experiences. As a team, we look back on many years of experience in the field of spatial audio – both in research and in designing immersive applications and experiences. We have put together our proprietary tech for recording, editing, and rendering of true spatial audio. Our specialities include perceptually-optimized binaural rendering, adaptive encoding, and spatialized voice chat integration. Apart from the tech-background, we are known to design awfully nice UI. And we are sure: The Future of Audio is 3D!

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