Hyper-realistic Spatial Audio


The Audio Engine for the Metaverse

The spatial audio module for the web built in WebAssembly is easy to integrate and works with streaming services like Agora and Twilio. Offers SIMD-support for highest efficency.

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Create, Spatialize and Render in Real-time

girl with headphones listening to atmoky spatial audio

Voice / Sound Spatializer

3-dimensional spatialization with adjustable attenuation curves of a virtually infinite number of sources.

Spatial Audio Player

Playback of all major spatial audio formats. Inlcude spatial audio recordings or productions into your web applications.

Spaces and Ambience

Creation of multiple rooms with adjustable reverb settings. Blending of room acoustics for entering and leaving of rooms.

Dynamic Rendering

Hyper-realistic rendering that is optimized for robustness and efficiency. It comes with an externalization booster. HRTF personalization, and loudspeaker rendering are optional.

True Spatial Audio Optimized for the Web

Native Quality

Spatial Audio Quality is identical to "Native SDK".


Processing in WebAssembly for highest performance.


Consistent quality across all major web browsers.

Web Audio

Seamlessly integrates with WebAudioAPI signal chains.


Get the "out-of-the-head" feeling that is required for feeling immersed.

Web Tooling

Boost the integration speed with graphical tooling.


Lowest motion-to-phonon latency due to client-side rendering.

Multi User

Interfaces with streaming services like Agora or Twilio.

Engaging Conversations and Interaction

Interactive Spatial Audio for Virtual Worlds

The Audio Engine for the Metaverse

This demo video shows a simple virtual world application in the web realized with the atmoky Spatial Audio Web SDK. Place virtual sound objects and live voice in 3D space, add 3D ambience, and change room impression and acoustics.

Start Live Demo

Spatial Audio for True-To-Life Communications in Virtual Meetings

In this demo we place the participants virtually at different positions in a room with certain acoustical properties. Thereby, we create a natural acoustic scene and the participants can fully exploit the potential of the cocktail party effect and "spatial unmasking". This means improved comprehensibility, better allocation and increased attentiveness, and in the end more engaging conversations.

A Recreation of Life-Like Social Interaction

Do you want to decide for yourself where to go and where to stay?

We do! atmoky Ears for Wwise provides an unparalleled combination of perceptual quality and efficiency, whilst getting the best out of every spatial audio mix. atmoky Ears puts the listener first and offers a patented perceptual optimization across diverse age groups. For those who want to squeeze out the very last drop of performance from their devices, atmoky Ears delivers that game-changing boost that makes the difference.

Explore More Use Cases

You name it, we put true spatial audio on it! Virtually all applications and devices that build on audio, or record and playback audio, will profit from a spatial-audio makeover. We at atmoky enable immersive audio experiences, and we aim for highest quality and usability. Interested in partnering up?