Arrival.Space Integrates atmoky Engage

atmoky Engage 3D Audio and Spatial Voice Chosen by 3D Social Web Platform Arrival.Space to Elevate the Audio Experience.

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Graz, AT – atmoky the leader in spatial audio and 3D voice chat for WebXR applications announces its partnership with next-generation 3D social web platform Arrival.Space.

Arrival Space’s pioneering social 3D web platform – still in closed beta – will open the gates to a wider audience later this year and definitely will set new standards in the evolution of the immersive web.

“We believe that audio is one of the most important components for a captivating immersive experience. atmoky Engage and its scientific approach to spatial audio and voice chat truly enhance social interaction and communication in digital environments.” said Gero Egger, CEO & Co-Founder at Arrival.Space.

By choosing atmoky Engage Arrival.Space Empowers their 3D Web Platform with highest quality 3D audio and spatial real-time group voice chat.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and have every confidence in Arrival Space’s promising future. It’s been a joy working with their outstanding team and we are happy to be part of this exciting ride. Our partnership marks a substantial advancement in improving digital communication and creating a more emotionally immersive and captivating digital environment.” said Clemens Amon, Head of Growth at atmoky.

For more information on atmoky and it’s spatial audio products and services visit

About atmoky

atmoky is an Austrian audio tech company on a mission to connect people in the digital world by making engaging communication accessible to all. The company has been founded in 2020 by audio experts and software enthusiasts, as a spin-off from the universities of Graz, and is backed by a national deep-tech grant.
atmoky’s patented technology simulates real life human hearing experience in the digital world. Proximity voice chat, full 3D positioning, and intuitive reverb for matching acoustics – they’ve got it all. Where to use atmoky? In 3D web environments, gaming, telehealth, and more.


About Arrival.Space

Arrival.Space is a web-based 3D platform being developed by Stratum1 GmbH to act as a key enabling technology for the evolution of the internet. It provides an easy entry point to the “Social 3D Web” and interconnects various web platforms and media content.

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