Introducing a New Dimension of Wellness

YourHaven brings a new level of immersion to their VR wellness platform through cutting-edge spatial audio technology by atmoky.

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Future of Wellbeing

Backed by Investors HodlCo and FOV Ventures, YourHaven is a mental health platform that offers powerful therapy and coaching through immersive technology. Their approach greatly improves how people adopt and keep new habits, behaviors, and ways of thinking. Now, the platform is taking a giant leap forward with atmoky’s spatial audio expertise. By leveraging atmoky’s HRTF-based binaural audio rendering technology, YourHaven can now offer users an unparalleled level of immersion and authenticity in their wellness sessions.
atmoky’s spatial audio solution allows sounds to be precisely placed within the virtual environment, creating a lifelike auditory experience that mimics real-life hearing. Imagine hearing sounds emanate from specific points in the room – above, beside, and even behind you – enhancing the sense of presence and immersion in every session.

Why atmoky?

In their latest video, this is what YourHaven says about why they decided to go with atmoky:

“We’ve tried so many different tools out there, but nothing seemed to meet our standards except for one. atmoky really stood out to us by meeting our needs for immersiveness and quality regarding spatial audio.”

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for YourHaven as it continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in transforming mental health care using spatial computing.
By harnessing atmoky’s spatial audio technology, YourHaven is poised to deliver an unmatched wellness experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Getting started now!

YourHaven is available for Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro and can be downloaded in the Meta Quest Store.

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