Portal.app has been nominated for the Mac App of the Year Award!

Portal Labs, a cherished partner of atmoky has been nominated for the Mac App of the Year Award!

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Exciting news has arrived from Portal Labs, a cherished partner of atmoky – they’ve been nominated for the esteemed Mac App of the Year Award! This recognition is truly deserved, applauding their dedication to innovating within the wellbeing space.

Portal, an iOS app focused on enhancing wellbeing and productivity, harnesses cutting-edge immersive technologies to transport users to breathtaking destinations worldwide. Collaborating with atmoky, Nick Daniels’ team fully utilizes Spatial Audio, offering instantaneous getaways to serene and calming locales. Whether enhancing focus, aiding sleep, or inducing relaxation, Portal provides an escape regardless of your current location.

Discover more about how Spatial Audio augments ambiance and promotes wellbeing, detailing the partnership with atmoky on Portal’s blog, The Campfire.


atmoky inside!

Leveraging atmoky’s iOS Framework as part of the Processing SDKs, Portal delivers rich, immersive audio experiences. This framework ensures an authentic recreation of recorded environments with unparalleled precision, accuracy, and clarity. By integrating head tracking data from Apple AirPods, the SDK dynamically renders immersive 3D recordings with minimal latency, ensuring a stable and unadulterated sound field for users.


Try portal now!

For those yet to explore Portal, take a moment to experience their app: portal.app. Their commitment to enhancing wellbeing through exquisitely crafted auditory experiences perfectly aligns with atmoky’s mission. We share the belief in sound’s transformative potential to enrich lives, and Portal’s nomination stands as a testament to the remarkable impact of deliberate audio design.

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