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Unparalleled Spatial Audio Plugins for Games and XR

trueSpatial brings atmoky’s best-in-class spatial audio rendering to the Unity and FMOD. The plug-in suite simulates human hearing and beams your audience into the scene with the power of unmatched hyper-realistic 3D sound.


HRTF-based binaural Rendering

By including a perceptually-optimized model, trueSpatial's rendering engine achieves minimum coloration and maximum immersion.

Near-field Effects

trueSpatial comes with a near-field effect and single ear rendering that simulates this special feeling of intimacy of sound source very close to the listener.

Externalisation Booster

The adjustable 3D sound externalizer gives you that out-of-the-head experience. Play around with character and amount settings for optimizing to your needs.

Ambisonic Rendering

The integrated atmoky Ambisonic decoder comes with sound field rotation and the option for head-locked playback.

Sound Source Directivity

The directivity of an audio object can be shaped by defining parameters like inner/outer angle, gain and low-pass. Fine tuned presets promoting an easy workflow.

Sound Object Occlusion

trueSpatial comes with adjustable settings for occlusion, which can be used to simulate the effect of a sound source being obstructed by an obstacle.

Parallax Effect

To achieve maximum accuracy and realism when sources are very close to the listener, trueSpatial considers the parallax effect and evaluates the HRTFs for both ears separately

VR / Console ready

trueSpatial is multi-platform by design and supports all desktop, mobile, XR and console platforms. That includes Meta Quest, Pico, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Apple Vision Pro, ...

Drive Emotions Through Sound

Enhance wellbeing and create immersive and natural auditory environments, promoting a more engaging and emotionally connected virtual experience.

This spatial audio demonstration highlights some of the capabilities of the atmoky plugins for Unity and FMOD.
Listen for yourself!

trueSpatial for Unity

Tutorial video on how to get started in minutes! – Part 1

Truly Connect With Your Audience and intensify the sense of presence and realism! In this video you learn how to get started with atmoky Spatial Audio for Unity in unter 4 minutes!

Elevating Immersive Experiences

trueSpatial comes with all the tools sound designers need to simulate human hearing. Read more about trueSpatial’s technical edge and it’s impact on game development and VR in this blog post.

Supported Platforms

atmoky trueSpatial is compatible with the following versions:

Unity 2020.3.18 and later
FMOD 2.0 and later

and is available for the following platforms:

Support of other platforms: Get in touch if you are interested in using atmoky trueSpatial on platforms not listed above (incl. VisionOS, Xbox,…).

Web export:
Are you interested in using atmoky trueSpatial for Unity for direct web export? Please get in touch!

Pricing for Games
Trial Mini Indie Pro Premium Premium
Production Budget per Title
$50k - $300k
$300k - $1m
$1m - $3m
> $3m
One-Time-Fee (All Platforms)

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Trial Mini Indie Pro Premium Premium
Production Budget per Title
$200k - $600k
$600k - $1.8m
$1.8m - $5m
> $5m
One-Time-Fee (All Platforms)

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Commercial Licenses

Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing a commercial license of atmoky trueSpatial for your project.